M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen4x4 Solid State Drive ''Massive Capacity. Maximum Velocity. 'Take advantage of the PCIe Gen4 technology, boasting impressive read/write speeds of up to 5000/4200MB/s. This translates to an enhanced experience for gamers, creatives, and professionals. With its ultra-thin, single-sided SSD architecture, the CRAS C910 Lite is designed for optimal heat management and compatibility with various compact form factor devices such as mini-PCs and laptops.

Utilizing meticulously-selected 3D NAND chip for better durability & performance, the CRAS C910 Lite delivers reliable quality with prominent TBW(Terabytes Written) that you get to use at ease.
xTBW: Total terabytes of data the SSD can write in its.

The CRAS C910 Lite provides ample storage for all your latest games, ensuring that you never have to sacrifice for storage space. With its exceptionally quick read/write speeds, it significantly reduces load times, enabling you to dive straight into the game without delay.

Boost your productivity with the CRAS C910 Lite. Enhance your efficiency as you multitask by switching seamlessly between different professional software.

- Intelligent SLC Caching Technology Improves read/write performance and durability with intelligent SLC caching algorithm Advanced Thermal Throttling Algorithm Self-regulated heat management to ensure stable performance, even after prolonged usage

S.M.A.R.T. for Condition Monitoring S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology), a fault detection system to improve stability Innovative Technology for Data Protection & Performance Boosting Enhancing your system with End-to-End Data Protection, CRC Parity and SRAM error detection to effectively reduce the risk of data corruption

LDPC ECC & Global Wear Leveling Corrects errors, reduces premature wear, and extends the overall lifespan of the SSD Secure AES 256-bit Encryption AES 256-bit encryption provides an advanced level of data protection making it the most secure way to protect your data


【Extremely Fast Performance for Seamless Experience】 Embracing the ultra-fast PCIe Gen4 technology with NVMe 1.4 interface, the CRAS C930 unleashes incredibly-fast speed performance that can let you get ahead of the pack! Maximum Sequential Speed: Read 7,400 MB/s / Write 6,800 MB/s * It was measured on a 2TB basis, performance may vary based on different hardware test platforms, software, operating systems, etc.
【Flat-fin Designed Aluminum Heatsink】 With up to 20% temperature reduction compared to non-heatsink SSDs, the CRAS C930 with heatsink can prevent overheating while maintaining long-term reliability to extend product lifespan.
【Game Up with Us Works with PlayStation5 Console】 The CRAS C930 is designed to be fully compatible with the expansion slot of the PlayStation 5. With the CRAS C930, all players can increase the storage capacity while maintaining outstanding performance of their PS5 console.
【DRAM Cache Buffer Embedded】 The CRAS C930 supports DRAM cache, which can act as a buffer between NAND Flash memory and controller to improve the read/write performance significantly, while providing better durability to extend product lifespan simultaneously.
【Cutting-Edge 3D NAND Inside】 3D NAND technology offers bigger storage capacity, better durability, and lower power consumption compared to legacy 2D NAND. Combining all the advantages together, the CRAS C930 delivers reliable quality with prominent TBW(Terabytes Written) that you get to use at ease.


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